by Protodream

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released November 23, 2016

Instrumentation/Vocals/Producing/Engineering/Mixing: Mac Guarnieri
Instrumentation: Tim McWilliams
Mastering: Jon-Mike Jackson
Cover Art: Cory Windland



all rights reserved


Protodream Akron, Ohio

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Track Name: Shapeshifter
Go on, why don’t you just
Be what they want you to be
Just change
Dust in the breeze
Just change
Eager to please
Just change
Molded with ease

Part of the herd
Shut that squeaky wheel up
One for all
All for none
Immerse and conform
Just change

Break the individual
Add to the mass
Put that fucking art down
Don’t rock the boat
Just change

Paint on your joker smile
Fraud from ear to ear
Fake normality for the comfort of others
Lose self and
Just change

Embrace the new you
It’s what you have always wanted
What they have always wanted
Until it’s not
Just change
Track Name: Short Term
Lost inside this house
Walls made of memories

Can’t find any windows
No glass panes to peer out of

It’s dark in here
No light in this world of mine
Track Name: Absinthe
Awakening from a dark dream,
So distant.
Bathed in warm light,
Bleary-eyed and fulfilled.
Rejoicing in a life worth living.

Schoolyard years gone by,
Adolescence behind me.
Life explored,
Love embraced,
Regret, an abstract idea I don’t understand.

But it fades.
Vision shimmers and dissipates.
Illusory details, mist before my eyes.
I sit alone in pale moonlight,
Before a rusty typewriter.
All hopes and dreams,
Life I should have lived,
Words on a page,
And nothing more.